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MicroCurrent Face and Neck-Lift


MicroCurrent Face and Neck-Lift


Rejuvenate the face and neck

What is MicroCurrrent?

Microcurrent is a safe, effective, noninvasive, and non-surgical facial sculpting treatment. It can lift, sculpt, and tighten any part of your face, neck or body. It can even lighten acne scarring or rosacea. This is a procedure that has no downtime and results are immediate.

Microcurrent facials and neck treatments are painless and so relaxing that most clients often fall asleep during the treatment.

How Soon Do I Get Results?

While other Microcurrent Facial and Neck Treatments proclaim individuals may see some minor change after 3-4 sessions, and significant change only after 15-20 sessions, Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting™ will produce noticeable changes on your first session, unfortunately this only lasts about 24 to 72 hours. Further changes will be even more effective and longer lasting as your skin “memory” is achieved and sustained at 8-10 weekly sessions. Following sessions can be done every 4 to 6 weeks.

Since you are “re-educating” the muscle tissue, it is crucial that you receive a “series” of treatments for results to reach their maximum potential. Aging is an unstoppable assurance, therefore maintenance sessions are extremely important. Maintenance sessions every 4 to 8 weeks will keep your muscles re-educated to a more youthful tone and appearance.


How is MicroCurrent used for Cosmetic Treatment and why is it so Effective?

The short answer: As we age, our body loses much of its natural electrical energy, much like a battery gradually losing its charge. On a cellular level, this leads to a breakdown of collagen and elastin in our face and neck, this leads to sagging and unevenness of texture; lines, wrinkles, and folds which become the inevitable result. Beneath the skin, the facial and neck muscles become increasingly contracted over years of facial and neck skin expression and constant gravity, allowing the overall lift of our face and neck to decline. Microcurrent emits subtle electrical frequencies that mimic the body’s own electrical signals, thereby increasing circulation by 35%, elastin production by 45%, collagen by over 10% and lymphatic drainage by 28% helping to remove toxins from the tissue.

The results of this process can be seen in improved skin tone and coloration, the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and the firming of sagging areas of the face, neck and body.

The body is literally being recharged back to its more youthful electrical state, as though a draining battery were plugged into a charger.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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